Drager Oxylog 2000 Transport Ventilator

Drager Oxylog 2000 Ventilator Emergency & Transport Ventilator
The refurbished, Drager Oxylog 2000, for purchase is a time-cycled, volume-constant emergency and transport ventilator for patients with a tidal volume starting at 100mL. In addition to the classic IPPV/CMV mode, the Oxylog 2000 offers SIPPV / A/C as well as the spontaneous modes CPAP and SIMV. 

  • Flow sensor positioned close to the patient for accurate measurement of the minute volume, real-time.
  • Integrated PEEP valve which can be finely adjusted from 0 - 15 mbar/cm H2O, and also allows incremental adjustments of the breath-time ratio from 1:3 to 2:1.
  • Equipped with an analog airway pressure gauge and a Liquid Crystal Display with 2 lines, showing you all important data such as actual frequency, actual tidal volume, plain text alarms and other parameters.
  • Clear design, the Oxylog 2000 offers you optimal handling and safe operation, leaving your eyes and hands free for your patients.
  • Up to 6 hours battery operation, offering independence from the mains supply during this period.
  • Design is compact, offers shock resistance, a splash guard and electronic irradiation protection.