Physio Control L P 9 Defibrillator


Lifepack 9 Defibrillator

We offer defibrillator physio control monitor, which is designed to meet the needs of clinical, biomedical engineering, and purchasing professionals throughout the world. This unit’s simple 1-2-3 operation and user-friendly display, plus its compact, portable, space-saving design, revolutionized in-hospital de fibrillation.


  • Simple, logical controls
  • User-friendly displays
  • Code summary
  • Critical event record
  • Space saving
  • Vertical design
  • Optional shock
  • Advisory system

Innovative features:

  • High and low energy
  • Select displays
  • Annotating recorder
  • Auxiliary paddles for “hands-free” de fibrillation.
  • Designed for ease of maintenance
  • Diagnostics for simple test and calibration