Refurbished Babylog Ventilator

The Refurbished Babylog Ventilator (800 Plus) is designed for harmonious ventilation of small children and the smallest pre-term babies. Refurbished Babylog Ventilator has an advanced upgrade platform that has allowed it to keep pace with all new forms of treatment and clinical advances. Sensitive synchronization with gentle but precise support for spontaneous breathing reduces the work of breathing and makes the ventilation process much more comfortable for patients.

Technical Specifications :
  • Controls :
    • Conventional ventilation : Continuous flow, Pressure-limited, time-cycled
    • Triggered ventilation : SIMV, SIPPV, PSV1, leak adapted
    • Trigger : Flow/Volume trigger, leak adapted
    • Trigger delay : approx.40-60ms
    • High frequency ventilation : C-PAP+HFV,IMV+HFV
    • Volume guarantee ventilation : SIMV+VG, PSV+VG
    • Oxygen mixer loss