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Definition of pulse oximeter. : a device that measures the oxygen saturation of arterial blood in a subject by utilizing a sensor attached typically to a finger, toe, or ear to determine the percentage of oxyhemoglobin in blood pulsating through a network of capillaries.
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You can expect outstanding monitoring performance from the OxiMax ® N-600™ Pulse Oximeter -- the flagship monitor in Nellcor 's revolutionary OxiMax  pulse oximetry system. The OxiMax  N-600 Pulse Oximeter delivers accurate, reliable readings and works with the complete family of OxiMax  sensors, so you can more

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This manual describes the use and operation of the Model 2001 Pulse Oximeter Monitor from Novametrix Medical Systems Inc. Model 2001 is a lightweight, easy to use, pulse oximeter designed to be used in a variety of clinical settings. It provides reliable measurement, display and alerts for functional pulsatile oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse

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The GE Datex-Ohmeda TruSat Pulse Oximeter offers enhanced SpO2, which provides users with better performance during both clinical motion and low perfusion. The small, lightweight design of the GE TruSat pulse oximeter makes it easy to operate, requiring only a fingertip to control its intuitive menus and simple, straight-forward three-button

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